Let's try a monorepo (or two)!

March 5, 2016

To make our lives as developers easier, and to enable us to be more productive in the limited time we have, we’ve decided to migrate Azul3D into two monorepos instead of the monstrosity we had before.

If you’re eager to learn more about what is going on and why, check out the very detailed issue on the topic.

Import Path Change

All import paths are now under azul3d.org/engine/..., for example:

Before After
azul3d.org/gfx.v1 azul3d.org/engine/gfx
azul3d.org/audio.v1 azul3d.org/engine/audio

Likewise the examples are now at azul3d.org/examples/... and not azul3d.org/examples.v1/....


  • Users are now expected to vendor azul3d.org/engine packages using tools like godep, glide, govendor, etc. as they would with normal packages.
  • Development speed will not be sacrificed in order to maintain backwards compatibility, so it’s highly reccomended that you vendor Azul3D packages when writing applications.

Released Packages

The following packages have also been released as part of this whole migration:

Package In-development branch released
azul3d.org/keyboard v2-unstable
azul3d.org/mouse v2-unstable
azul3d.org/native/al v1.1-unstable
azul3d.org/examples gfxv2.
azul3d.org/gfx v2-unstable
azul3d.org/audio v2-dev
azul3d.org/audio/wav v1.1-dev
azul3d.org/audio/flac master (not previously public)

And azul3d.org/native/glfw.v5 is now imported at github.com/go-gl/glfw/v3.1/glfw (the official location for this repository -- as always).

Git LFS usage

We’re now using Git LFS in order to ship some files like the binary OpenAL blobs and assets for the examples. See the installation instructions for more info.

And last but not least.. an apology for the noise

You weren’t the only one that got a bit spammed by all this progress, and we can only hope you got less than the three pages we got!