Azul3D is a open source project. Contributing is made easy through GitHub’s standardized pull request system. Also see the authors and license pages.

Legal Aspect

Azul3D is usable by anyone free-of-charge per the license. This is great because commercial applications can be made in Azul3D and sold as well.

Part of this means that any contribution you make to the project is under the terms of the license. If you don’t agree to these terms, please do not submit any such contribution to Azul3D.


Any contribution, whether a big change such as adding a new package, or small such as fixing a typo, deserves proper credit. Azul3D is the work of many people and they all deserve to be listed as the authors of the Azul3D project.

Having your name appear on the authors page allows you to receive proper credit for your work, and also lets others know who is behind the Azul3D open source project.

If you are not already on listed on the authors page from previous contributions, then you may be added. There are several different ways to appear there:

Email Addresses

We plea with (but do not require) authors to list their email address such that others can contact them in any situation.

Of course, to avoid spam from web-crawlers we do perform simple encoding of the email addresses such that they are not plain text and are thus harder for crawlers to identify. The encoding used is ROT13 and is decoded in user’s browsers via Javascript.

You can use an online tool to perform the encoding process for you easily.