semver: Semantic Versioning for Go packages

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import ""

What is it?

  • Semantic Versioning for Go packages.
  • Like, but it runs in your own Go HTTP server.
  • Works great in combination with the govers tool.
  • Folder-based packages (e.g. ->
  • Git tags and branches (e.g. v1 -> tag/branch v1.3.2).
  • Unstable branches (e.g. import "pkg.v2-unstable").

Also see the versioning and updating pages.

Version 2.0.1: Changes

  • Fixed a documentation typo (see #11).
  • Fixed a critical bug that caused v1 to be chosen over v1.0.1 (see #12).
  • Added extensive tests for version choosing to avoid future issues (see commit).
  • Full Changes

Version 2: Changes

  • Development branches pkg.v2-dev replaced by unstable branches pkg.v2-unstable (see #7).
  • A tool to migrate from -dev to -unstable is available, see here.
  • Clicking on types on now brings you to the source code on GitHub (see #10).
  • Fixed a bug that caused import paths for packages with dashes (e.g. go-thepkg) to not work (see #8).
  • Full Changes

Version 1.0.1: Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused branches to resolve incorrectly (see #2).
  • Full Changes

Version 1: Changes